Leadership Development for a Medium Size Multi - Unit QSR / Full- Service Franchise Restaurant Operator.

A medium size QSR / Full Service Restaurant Operator wanted to develop a training program to help develop their general managers to think more like an owner and manage their restaurants with a 360° view.

The Approach

Company Profile:

Number of QSR locations:  11

Number of Full Service Locations: 1


Annual Revenue:  $ 16 Million

Number of Employees:  425

Our team gathered core management data including historical performance metrics for labor management, ICOS, customer satisfaction and identified the 7 Ps for how to think like a boss.

A training program was further created demonstrating each restaurants core metrics and the rationale behind why the 7 Ps were important.  A 2 hour workshop experience was facilitated where an assessment was circulated for current district managers and general managers to complete providing a scoring method to locate strengths and weaknesses within their management abilities.  The "360° Manager's View" results were reviewed and individual training plans were implemented to empower managers to think like an owner.

The Learning Process

1.  Gather Data & Compile Metrics
3.  Conduct Assessment on all Managers
5. Conduct Workshop and Deliver Pathway for Thinking Like an Owner
2. Create Workshop Experience & Tools
4. Engage Owners and Leadership Team in the Process

The Impact

District Managers and General Managers were able to learn the 7 Ps for thinking like a boss.  Workshop participants were able to identify current performance indicators, how their individual management skills measured up to a 360° focus and what resources were available to help them learn and grow.

The leadership team of the multi-unit restaurant operator was able to implement a 1 year coaching plan offering support and guidance for leadership development and growth.  The organization was able to see two locations receive national recognition for their efforts as part of their participation as franchisees in a prominent international QSR franchise organization.

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