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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Let's face it, one of the most challenging roles in an organization is that of the HR Professional. HR Professionals juggle the balance between creating synergy in the workforce, implementing the objectives of the company's strategic plan, overseeing compliance in the hiring process, interviewing/hiring of new employees, and managing the relationships between management and the workforce. Each and every decision made by a HR Professional impacts the organization, and ultimately contributes to cultural design and overall organizational intelligence. Finding qualified candidates is not enough! Rather, finding candidates who possess the needed skills to perform their assigned duties and who have the ability to fit within the culture of the organization are higher aims of the HR process.

As an entrepreneur, CEO and Founder who has owned and operated organizations for over 25 years, I get it! I've hired thousands of individuals in my career and admit most decisions were right choices; but, others left me asking - "What could I have done better to avoid this situation?". Empathy for the role of HR Professionals is a key influence in the design of the staffing solutions value proposition at The Osborn Group, LLC; and, that empathy is a core foundation for how our services are developed, offered and delivered to accomplish our motto "Expect Exceptional Experiences Every Time!™". Discussions regarding culture, organizational intelligence, strategic goals of the HR function and "ideal candidate" profiles are part of the collective conversations you will hear when we engage with our clients.

"Solutions are not solutions if they do not accomplish the goal. Fads, gimmicks, and useless information cannot replace the fundamentals of what serving a client means, listening to their needs, and delivering results that contribute to their success. HR Professionals benefit when strategic alliances are forged on integrity, trust and authenticity. Serving HR professionals is about empowering their efforts and facilitating exceptional experiences. "

The staffing services value proposition at The Osborn Group, LLC focuses on four core elements to empower HR Professionals and their departments to accomplish their objectives and to specifically reduce the often frustrating and cumbersome perceptions commonly associated with the staffing industry:

1. Listening to your needs: Our focus is on listening to your needs and crafting staffing solutions that accomplish your goals. Being flexible, responsive and resourceful remains core to how we serve our clients. Our engagement process includes conversations about your culture, your goals, your objectives, your staffing needs, your ideal candidate profile and your preferred vetting processes. How we work is defined by the guidance and purposes outlined in the engagement interview. Our abilities include tailoring assessments to identify ideal candidates, screening references to obtain third-party feedback, video interviewing, scoring talent (using our customized proprietary system) to assure only top talent is presented, completing background or drug screening tests, and diving into cultural considerations to assess whether a candidate will fit into the workforce. A minimum of 3-5 candidates for each job role will be presented in a custom MPC (Most Placeable Candidate) presentation within the time deadlines you define. The presentation includes a comprehensive candidate overview, detailed candidate information, current resume, assessment results, third-party feedback notes, candidate scoring results and links to video interviews (if utilized). Each presentation is uniquely crafted by the instructions our engagement process identified and the areas of focus that are important to you.

2. Cost - effective solutions: Controlling costs in the hiring process is just as important as finding the right candidate who fits into the organization. Managing budgets, reducing costs associated with turnover, and reducing onboarding costs are part of the fiscal responsibilities HR Professionals are entrusted to oversee. Our fee schedule accomplishes those objectives and are very competitive to industry averages. The use of advanced sourcing technologies, our robust "mega-candidate" database (with over 4 million resumes), and our strategic alliance with partner agencies across the country in all 50 states empowers us to access talent quickly and be more cost effective than many of our competitors. In addition, our partnership with clients can streamline onboarding tasks, reduce costs to hire and facilitate better choices leading to reduction in turnover. We further contribute to the success of an organization's newly hired employee across the first 60 - 90 by offering certain guarantees and support for and to our placements. To learn more about our "Talent Acquisition Staffing Solutions" and inquire about scheduling an engagement interview go here. Preferred and repeat clients earn additional savings through our volume and preferred client programs.

3. Providing traditional and alternative staffing solutions: The Osborn Group, LLC is a management consulting and full-service staffing solutions firm offering contingency or retained searches, direct-hire placement services, contract staffing solutions for consulting professionals, contract IT professional (short-term and long-term) services, temporary staffing, interim executive management, c-suite executive headhunting, temp-to-hire staff management solutions and exit strategy solutions for those difficult moments where layoffs or organizational change occur. Our front-end and back-end office capabilities allow us to facilitate an employer of record and manage all aspects of time-sheet reporting, billing, payroll, invoicing, portable benefits for contractors and delivering payroll services to the collaborated contractor workforce. Our unique alternative staffing solutions allow our clients to reduce costs associated with a temporary workforce and empower them to craft solutions that work best in today's gig economy. The future of work in a gig economy includes being able to access talent from more diverse talent sources including independent/freelance workers, consultant contractors, temporary workers and seasonal talent pools.

4. Delivering on our promise: Our promise to you is that you can "Expect Exceptional Experiences Every Time!™". Delivering on our promise is the strategic focus for everything we do at The Osborn Group, LLC. Additional services available to our clients include: management consulting services, workshop experiences for learning and development, employee training programs, and engagement solutions to build effective, high performing, cross-functional teams. Example topics within our proprietary offerings include creating and cultivating an authentic culture within the workplace, identifying and reducing the cost of indifference, strategic planning and formation, diversity and inclusion, teaching managers how to embrace a "360° Manager's View", and the "Five Ms For Effective Leaders".

Our vision is to be the preferred management consulting and staffing solutions firm in the Midwest. We understand and empathize with the challenges of HR Professionals and we would like to ask you to consider us to be your partner. If you are looking for a true strategic partner to come alongside and work with you to empower your success - I invite you to give us a call, visit our website, or feel free to message me personally to discuss your needs, goals and objectives.

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About the Author - Timothy G. Osborn is the Senior Management Consultant/Founder - CEO at The Osborn Group, LLC where "We build top talented teams to create next level solutions and practical strategies that inspire, nurture and empower leading companies in their pursuit to deliver exceptional experiences and achieve peak performance while maximizing profitability. We put the wow in business! ™"

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