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Tips For Job Placement Success!

TIps for Job Placement

One of the most frequent questions I receive from candidates searching for their next career move is "How do I stand out from others and present myself as a Top Talented Professional?"

Differentiating yourself from other candidates is an essential strategy in today's job market. The average job posting at The Osborn Group, LLC offers career opportunities that are top paying positions in their respective industries. On average, the majority of jobs pay $80,000 and above. The competition for these opportunities is more fierce than many suppose. Approximately 30 - 50 candidates submit resumes for one job posting and those candidates typically possess strong skills, above average experience and professional fluency. To help you succeed in your career search, the following tips for success should be seriously considered.

#1. Create a professional image for yourself. Take the time to have a head shot or quality photo produced by a photographer or a friend who has strong photography skills. Update your Linkedin profile with your new head shot and add that to your professional resume.

#2. Complete the hiring process. Every employer requires some form of vetting for you to be considered; and, more and more the vetting process is completed before they will even speak with you in a formal interview setting. Common vetting requests include a professional resume, professional references, skills assessments and a "One Way Video Interview". Most candidates procrastinate or attempt to avoid investing the time to complete the process leading to their resume being moved to the "did not cooperate" file. Approximately 35% of all candidates complete the pre-interview vetting process. I can assure you, all of those candidates receive specific consideration and often are invited to a formal interview. The biggest suggestion here is to cooperate and complete the hiring process!

#3. Invest time, thought and effort in preparing for your "One Way Video Interview". Dress professionally, check your lighting to make sure your screen shot appears clear. Be professional. Remove personal photos from the background and set up your interview area to promote your best image. Make sure neck ties are tight with top buttons closed. Dress to impress and smile. Putting forth the effort polishes your image. Craft your answers to any interview questions and keep in mind any time restrictions for recording your video. Be prepared, stand out and be polished.

#4. Update your information everywhere and on every document. Be consistent. Update your resume, sync your resume with your Linkedin profile and submit consistent, accurate and well written documentation. Check punctuation, grammar and spelling. Take the time to present your image at its best.

#5. Cooperate with all requests. I know that it may seem cumbersome at times, but employers have different requirements from organization to organization. Cooperation is your best demonstration of your desire to take their organization's hiring process serious and present yourself as a top talented candidate.

Following these tips will best prepare you for the opportunities you will find at The Osborn Group, LLC and through our affiliation with a national network of career opportunities. If you desire assistance or would like to take advantage of our FREE "Talent Coaching Services" we would invite you to do so.

Good luck on your next career move and continue to refer to this blog for additional resources and information to help you be successful in your job search! Treat yourself like the professional you are and present yourself with the image that impresses future employers and accomplishes your goals.

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About the Author — Timothy G. Osborn is the Senior Consultant/Founder at The Osborn Group, LLC where “We build top talented teams to enhance and create next level solutions for efficient business operations, learning & development, human resources, content marketing, engagement, brand development, talent acquisition,startup mentoring services, feasibility studies, and management consulting.”

“Expect exceptional experiences every time!”

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