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True Success - Happy Father's Day by Timothy Osborn @ The Osborn Group, LLC

Every day we are bombarded with images of success, grandeur and "bigger than life" personas. From social media, to entertainment and to the latest merger or acquisition in the tech industry our culture is addicted to following the latest news with celebrity allure. But, what does it really mean to be successful? Is success alone the monetary computations of a deal put together, new technologies developed, or this year's gross revenues we hope to achieve? NO!

The greatest success I have personally ever experienced in my life was the day I was called "Daddy!" NOTHING in this world could light up my life more than the joy, challenges and opportunities that have come with being a "Father". The gentle kiss goodnight on the cheek from my daughter or the endless "Captain Suspender-pants" stories I would create to help my youngest son go to sleep. All of these fond memories are tenderly woven together in the tapestry of what it means to be a parent and what it means for me to be successful.

I was fortunate to grow up in a very loving home after being adopted by an aunt and uncle. My mother passed away from leukemia at her very young age of 29. I was only 3 months old at the time and little did I know about the tragedies that were happening around me. My aunt and uncle (who became affectionately known as mom and dad) were always present and engaged - I was blessed to have that experience. Early in my adulthood, time brought about what time can only bring, and they both passed after many wonderful years of living, helping and loving others. As I think of "Father's Day" and what it means to me, I'm reminded of the wonderful experiences I shared with my dad and the many joys I have encountered while being a parent.

What have I learned? Life is short. Death will eventually come. And, the gift of living a day is truly just that - a gift. I have learned that nothing I have ever accomplished is as great as seeing a smile on my daughter's face, hearing the laugh of my youngest son and standing tall next to my oldest being recognized as a marine. (His story of overcoming would truly amaze everyone!)

I've learned being a "Father" is where real success is found for me. I once attended a conference and was asked an interesting question - "If you accomplished everything, all of your goals and had all the money you could imagine - would that be success?" The answer for me was simple. Of course, having those things would be nice but if I lost my children, the ability to connect with them, and the open welcome to engage in their lives during the process then I would have to say NO! No success is success if your children and a healthy relationship with them is part of the price you agree to pay.

There is a price to success - time, money, energy etc.. But, never allow the price of success the power to cost you the greatest treasures you have ever known - your children. Real success is reaching those personal and professional goals while balancing the art of being a parent and being purposefully involved with the growth, development and happiness of your kids. I realize I'm not in professional attire in this photo nor am I groomed for that "perfect" head shot, but when I think of success these are the images that mold who I am.

This Father's Day celebrate everything about what it means to be a "DAD"! If you are a Father make a point to celebrate time with your children. Prioritize them and engage in their lives. If you are a son or a daughter, remember life is short and one day "Dad" won't always be around. Reach out, embrace, forgive (if need be), let go and love! What is Father's Day really about? Celebrating family and celebrating those who are most precious - the real treasures of success.

So...tomorrow if you try to call or if you attempt to schedule an appointment and you don't receive a quick response just know - it's "DADDY's Weekend!" I will be putting on my "Captain Suspender-pants" and flying off to another adventure with these great people - my kids. Don't worry!!! I will be back on Monday and I will make time to respond to every email, return every phone call and dive back into my role at the helm of The Osborn Group, LLC. BUT, until then, I'm going to enjoy hearing my favorite words - "Daddy", listening to songs I don't even know, swimming at the many wonderful pools around our city, taking hikes through Sharon Woods (one of our favorite nature walks) and most certainly watching the new episodes of "Flash" that we have not yet viewed.

Here's a thought for your end of week calendar - take tomorrow off and go invest in your "true success"!

Happy Father's Day from all of us "DADS" at The Osborn Group, LLC!

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About the Author - Timothy G. Osborn is the Senior Consultant/Founder at The Osborn Group, LLC where "we build top talented teams to enhance and create next level solutions for operations, leadership development, content marketing, engagement, talent acquisition, startups and business growth!"

"Expect exceptional experiences every time!"

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