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Do you know a Top Talented Professional looking for a career change or new opportunity? Refer them to The Osborn Group, LLC and you could earn up to $ 500 if they are chosen for placement in one of our local or national opportunities.

Simply complete the information questionnaire below and our Talent Acquisition team will contact you and your referred Top Talent Professional to begin the process.

Thank you for your referrals!

Referral Program Guidelines - Eligible Referrals and How to Refer

A Candidate

Eligible referral sources include the following individuals:

  • Family member of a Referred Candidate

  • Friend of a Referred Candidate

  • Realtors or Real Estate Agents who are working with or know a Referred Candidate

  • Professional Service Industry Representatives who are working with or know a Referred Candidate

  • A Previously Placed Candidate who knows the Referred Candidate

  • An individual who is Not affiliated or currently employed in HR or the staffing industry.  Note:  Unfortunately we do not accept candidate referrals from individuals currently employed in HR or the staffing industry under our "Referral Program".  If you are representing or working with a top professional who is actively seeking a job, please inquire with us at regarding our "split placement" program for HR and Staffing industry professionals to see if you would be eligible to participate.

Ideal Candidates for referral include:

  • Candidates with a Professional Designation

  • Candidates with a Minimum Associate Degree or 5+ years experience in a specific field of work

  • Candidates with Bachelor & Graduate Degrees

  • Candidates with Professional Licensing Credentials 

  • Candidates with PhD or Doctoral Studies

  • C-suite executives

  • IT Professionals

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • Candidates graduating from college soon

How to Refer Your Friend of Relative:

#1.  Complete the referral form below.  Please note "all fields must be completed" and a working phone number is required for all referred top talent professional candidates.  Why is a phone number required? A working phone number is required because one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists will contact your referred professional to obtain "formal explicit consent" from them regarding opting into our programs and help with assessing their career goals and needs. Please inform you referred professional candidate that a representative of The Osborn Group, LLC will be contacting them.  Without "formal explicit consent" your referral will not be considered eligible and the referred professional candidate will not be added to our candidate database, email campaigns, or ongoing communication/marketing platforms. "Formal explicit consent" must be received for a "referred candidate" to be eligible and a referral fee to be paid.

#2.  Notification of "Referral Eligibility". Once your referred top talented professional candidate is accepted, eligibility is confirmed, and formal explicit consent is obtained you will receive a specific notification (for each referral) that the referral is eligible to participate in the referral program.

#3.  When will you receive payment for your referral?  Referral fees are paid to our referral sources for "eligible referrals" within 3 days of receipt of payment by The Osborn Group, LLC for the placement fees collected for the candidate being hired. Typically, placement fees for newly hired top talented professionals occur 60 - 90 days after the candidate's formal date of hire. You will be notified when payment for our placement fee is paid and your referral fee is issued. If, for any reason, no placement fee is collected, no referral fee is paid. Why would a fee not be paid? If the candidate does not complete their "probationary" period or required "guarantee" work days, or is terminated,  or quits prior to completing the "probationary or guaranteed required work days" under the terms of the contract between The Osborn Group, LLC and our split partner agencies or employer our firm becomes ineligible for compensation and that would result in no fees being collected, paid or received to warrant a referral payment as "qualified" and "eligible".

Top Talent Referral Program
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