Research Study for State Senators & State Representatives Regarding Rural Healthcare.

A prominent Southern State Senator and State Representative needed to know current trends, published reports and data regarding rural healthcare in the United States.  The objective was to identify ways to improve access, financial stability of healthcare organizations within their state, and promote wellness

within rural communities.

The Approach

State Data:

Number of Counties:  95

Population: 6.7 Million

Number of CAH closings in past years: 10

Region:  Southern United States

The Healthcare Consulting team of The Osborn Group, LLC gathered national, regional and state published reports and data regarding the current state of rural healthcare in America. A comprehensive analysis for this Southern State was completed identifying how the state measured in comparison with other states in its ability to deliver adequate access to healthcare in rural communities.  A series of policy recommendations were created to offer the Southern State insights for improving access, promoting quality, controlling healthcare costs and developing initiatives that promote financially stable and sustainable healthcare organizations.

The Research Study Method

1. Gather & Compile Published Reports & Data
3.  Identify Specific Needs of State
5. Recommend Policy Changes & Considerations to Improve Access, Quality & Stability
2. Condense Data & Create Summary Report
4. Engage Healthcare Providers & Patients in Rural Communities

The Impact

State Senators and State Representatives were empowered with national reports and data identifying opportunities for policy changes that promote access, quality, sustainability and financial solvency of healthcare organizations providing services in rural communities within this Southern State.  Task force participants and policy makers were able to consider contributions from providers, patients, suppliers and rural community leaders.  A wide support effort is being embraced to strengthen rural healthcare in the state.

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