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Every business, whether a startup or smartup, must meet certain expectations and requirements prior to pursuing funding, financing, fundraising or investor relationships. What are those requirements? And, how can your or your organization best position your ideas, concepts and insights in a way that maximizes your goals and objectives?

The Osborn Group, LLC has developed a customized "Smartup Strategy Process™" where we facilitate a guided strategy experience that moves your idea through the five stages to launch or expand your business. The experience combines workshops, facilitated collaborations, idea formation/concept development, team building strategies, strategy sessions, business planning, and the "how tos" for creating a marketable Pitch leveraging your best position to attract the resources you need to launch or re-launch. The "Smartup Strategy Process™" is great for startups launching new ideas and businesses that may feel left behind needing to be reinvigorated. The learning objectives and hands on sessions were developed utilizing formal strategy processes, lean improvement methodologies, and insights from incubators/accelerators across the country.  The hybrid program is delivered as a 1:1 facilitated process for your organization, the experience is unlike any other empowering you to be prepared to launch or re-launch your Smartup campaign.

To learn more about "How to Prepare Your Smartup Funding Campaign" and Smartup your startup or business, download the free Ebook by clicking below.


"The entrepreneurial spirit thrives where collaboration, creativity and fun join together to form ideas, concepts and insights  that empower, equip and facilitate the emergence of visions into realities! "

by Timothy Osborn

Founder - CEO / The Osborn Group, LLC

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The key to a successful startup is to "smartup"! Our hybrid program is designed for startups and for existing businesses desiring to re-launch with a customized "smartup" campaign.  Our team of mentors, advisors, educators and professionals will work closely with you guiding and facilitating your steps as you navigate concept development to launch and beyond! We are an empowerment zone for creative ideas, concepts and insights. Our unique approach broadens access to startups and includes a wide portfolio beyond tech based startups alone.  We understand every business differs and every startup idea can benefit from a"smartup" process. Our goal is simple - "~ empower ideas, concepts and insights to become Smartup businesses ~"

5 - 6 MONTH PROGRAM / Structured Strategy Sessions & Planning

At The Osborn Group, LLC our empowerment zone offers a unique 5 - 6 month program allowing you and your team to move at your pace through a guided strategy and business formation process.  The process includes concept development strategies in our "Think Tank", business planning, strategy formation, and prepares you to launch your ideas, concepts and vision into reality.  If appropriate, the process also includes preparing the startup to meet the essential elements for funding, financing or fundraising.

VALUE PROPOSITION - Why choose us?

Our value proposition is unique and structured to be affordable for entrepreneurs and business startups. Our program participation fees are spread across the length of the 5 - 6 month strategy sessions and are determined at the time of engagement.  In addition, our strategic partnerships and seasoned mentors possess specific knowledge, expertise and skill to help address issues or needs concerning patents, intellectual property rights, prototype selling, prototype development, software licensing and trademarks or trade secrets.


Other Benefits:


  • We DO NOT require startups to offer or agree to an equity share in their businesses. Our costs are fully included in the "Smartup Strategy Process"™ engagement agreement.

  • WE DO NOT require startups to identify Co-Founders if a idea, concept or insight does not need a Co-Founder as part of their organizational structure.

  • WE offer 1:1 focus and individual expert mentors assigned to your team by discipline or area of expertise

  • We offer a structured "start-to-finish" program guide outlining our process in advance which includes a pre-scheduled list of strategy session focus topics, worksheets for completing benchmark tasks, assistance in writing your business plan, guidance in formulating your pitch and leadership insights for preparing your launch event.

  • We offer access to legal experts concerning patents, intellectual property rights and business entity formation


Our leadership team has launched, operated and managed multiple businesses spanning more than three decades of success and growth.  Some have served as national conference speakers, some have directly worked with attorney generals in governmental legislation and others have lead the rise of known national brands in retail, healthcare, restaurants and education. We welcome all entrepreneurs with a wide variety of business ideas, concepts and insights.  

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