The Smartup Strategy Process™

The Smartup Strategy Process™
The Smartup Strategy Process™

Timothy Osborn
Sr. Partner / Founder - Sr. Management Consultant
"Entrepreneur, Provocateur, Strategist, Mentor & Educator"

The Smartup Strategy Process™ is a six module online course program the provides instruction, worksheets, training videos, articles, reading assignments and prepares future founders to move from concept to launch. The module sessions will take approximately 90 - 180 days to complete depending on team experience and collaboration. The six modules include:

Module 1 - Introduction to the online course program including welcome video, learning objectives, course outline and program details.

Module 2 - The Idea - forming, validating and iterating your idea, concept or insight through strategy sprint exercise geared toward discovering your WOW!

Module 3 - The Team - Team building strategies for creating workflows, identifying needed expertise, establishing methods for hiring, onboarding and targeting ideal candidates to join with you during your Smartup process.

Module 4 - The Plan - Developing a formal written business plan to facilitate market cap evaluations, SWOT analysis, strategy formation and preparing your business for funding and launch.

Module 5 - The Pitch - Combining elements of previous modules to develop your formal pitch, marketing tools and marketing plan.

Module 6 - The Launch - Creating a specific plan for your "Launch Day" to pitch your new business to accelerators, investors, crowdfunding sources and more.

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