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Our leadership team has specific expertise in real estate development and consulting organizations by leading, coordinating, and assisting with project feasibility and analysis. We have successfully guided, consulted and advised on multiple projects across the region for over 25 years. One thing we have learned during that time is that a great plan must be built upon the foundation of feasibility, proper site-selection, adequate financing and thorough concept development.  Successful projects are an outflow of these specific efforts.

At The Osborn Group, LLC, we utilize proven methods for researching project feasibility that include compiling unique data analytics, considering current demographic/market trends, and conducting a comprehensive overview of the "Big Idea".  Our team of leading industry professionals and business analysts then review the research data and layer deeper artificial intelligence/ geo-social insights in the summary to further guide the comprehensive feasibility process.

At conclusion, a feasibility report is compiled summarizing our analysis including detailed information on all of the data sources reviewed and a summary of the feasibility of the "Big Idea"  including statements regarding economic impact, jobs created, community support and general benefit to the surrounding area.

Feasibility studies by The Osborn Group, LLC

Components of a Feasibility Study

  • Defining the project scope

  • Determining current market trends and conducting detailed risk analysis

  • Defining and reviewing technical and organizational requirements for project viability

  • Evaluating a comprehensive cost analysis for the project

  • Identifying potential site selection and/or determining highest and best use for an existing site

  • Reviewing artificial intelligence and market data as it relates to the project and provides insight 

  • Presentation and review of feasibility to key stakeholde

Our Preferred Projects

At The Osborn Group, LLC our niche is flex space, commercial/retail projects, multi-family units, retirement communities, mixed use, start up business concepts and retail site selection.  Trends in modern, sustainable development reveal that the most successful projects are no longer simple stand alone options but require multi-tenant or multi-occupant solutions. Feasibility studies help identify the best concepts and match them to the best locations for optimum success.


Projects today are more complex and require deeper insight into how flex space and mixed used properties are utilized and ultimately developed.  Typically, projects of this scope require strategically assembled parcels and need proof of feasibility.  Feasibility studies provide guidance to the master planning process and can assist in identifying certain synergies yielding cross collaboration and collateral benefit to those who participate as stakeholders or site occupants. 


Many of the region's success stories are a result of where specific consideration was included within the scope of the concept development plan at the forefront.  Technology now allows for the layering of artificial intelligence and modern applications in determining project feasibility and highest/best use.  Give your project a unique strategic advantage and the specific marketing edge that can create the overall impact that boosts the local economy and guides project viability.

​Our Clients

  • Community Foundations

  • Economic Development Teams

  • Non profit organizations

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Healthcare Organizations

  • Retail Flex Space

  • Mixed Use Projects

  • Redevelopment Committees

  • Long-term Care Facilities

  • Retirement Communities

  • Urban Renewal Projects

  • Community Revitalization​

  • Restaurant Operations (Franchisee site analysis)

  • Hospitality & Hotel

Concept Development.

Concept Development

Detailed Master Plan including concept, project scope, and highest/best use analysis

Project marketing.

Project Marketing

Creation, implementation, and marketing solutions for project influence and success.

Architectural design.


Utilize our partner architectural and design teams for concept rendering, construction plans, cost analysis, and design

Feasibility and project consulting.


Project feasibility, highest/best use analysis, concept development and finance sourcing.

To request a free quote for your comprehensive feasibility study and / or to inquire regarding our real estate consulting services, contact us today and let one of our Senior Consultants review your goals.