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Ethics & Professional Standards

We are a values led organization that adopts best practices and aspires to meet the highest ethical, legal, and professional standards of practice for the management consulting industry.

The Osborn Group, LLC is committed to being socially responsible by nurturing and influencing a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world.

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Ethical Practices

Ethics - moral principles that govern our organizational behavior.

  • To put our clients and their needs first at all times.

  • To be socially responsible nurturing diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices.

  • To ensure integrity, honesty, and transparency in our consulting engagements.

  • To maintain and secure the privacy and confidentiality of our client information and strategic objectives.

  • To empower our clients to take ownership of solutions and become efficient in their ability to deploy and implement strategies or solutions we help develop or create.

  • We do not act as an advocate for our clients but as a collaborator toward their goals.

  • To remain within our expertise and engage third party expertise as joint-collaborators when and if needed.

  • To deliver exceptional experiences for engagement that facilitate accomplishing the work to be done and collaborating with the greatest ease of cooperation.

  • To adopt and deliver the highest form of professional standards of the management consulting industry.

  • To adopt and support the "Ten Principles on Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption" by the United Nations Global Compact.

  • To adopt best practices for environmental sustainability and reducing our organization's environmental footprint (and those of our clients when possible).

  • To be good community partners by volunteering, championing, and serving the causes that align to our values through philanthropic support. 

  • To stand firm against any forms of corruption, illegal activities, bribery or kickbacks in the course of doing business as a leading management consulting firm.

  • To adopt policies for ensuring ethical practices and standards are adhered to by our management consulting associates and executive teams.

Professional Standards

Professional Standards - practices and behaviors our associates and executive teams adhere to in their consulting activities.

  • To deliver all consulting services in alignment with our core values and ethical practices.

  • To maintain professional and behavior practices that promote integrity and maintain the positive reputation of our firm and those of our clients.

  • To engage clients utilizing the processes and relationship tools developed by The Osborn Group, LLC to ensure the delivery of our promise of exceptional experiences.

  • To identify in our client selection process any potential for conflicts of interest and to engage client relationships where no potential conflicts exist.

  • To promote and support the best interest of our clients at all times.

  • To be relevant and knowledgeable utilizing leading solutions that meet the demands of today's economic climate and current market conditions.

  • To cultivate relationships and approaches that build cohesion, nurture collaboration, and foster cooperation.

  • To demonstrate behaviors that build trust and respect the confidentiality and privacy of our organization and those of our clients.

  • To avoid creating perceptions or encouraging unrealistic expectations

  • To use data (quantitative, qualitative, and scientific) to drive the development of strategies or solutions to develop realistic and achievable goals and objectives.

  • To develop formal proposals outlining all fee arrangements and scope of engagement; and, to deliver services within the scope of those engagements as they are approved.

  • To remain objective refraining from serving a client under terms or conditions that impair independence.

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