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Updated: Apr 28

Did you know that 64% of employees today say that an organization's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion as a core value impacted their decision to accept or not accept a job offer? Diversity, equity, and inclusion matters.

The Osborn Group, LLC announces the launch of the proprietary "EMERGE DEI Scorecard™ Assessment & Audit" developed and authored by Timothy Osborn, Sr. Partner/Founder - CEO at The Osborn Group, LLC.

The EMERGE DEI Scorecard™ measures six dimensions for diversity, equity, and inclusion maturity empowering organizations to develop, cultivate, and nurture best practices for advancing their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. The deep dive assessment and analysis reviews dimension maturity and alignment across Executive/board commitment, Maturity of organizational policy alignment, Equality/equity in performance metrics, Resource allocation to suppliers/vendors, Gauging awareness across all communication channels (internal/external), and Examining accountability (EMERGE). The organization's results are then plotted along the EMERGE DEI Maturity Intersections/Interactions Matrix™ to determine and visualize the unique dot plot pattern of maturity benchmarking where the organization is at in their maturity efforts, and what steps must be taken to achieve actualization of DEI Best Practices.

Your DOT Plot Maturity Matrix:

Each organization who completes The EMERGE DEI Scorecard™ Assessment & Audit receives a summarized report outlining their maturity dot plot, the completed detailed scorecard results for each dimension category (and the corresponding category questions), and a full recommendation report offering guidance and insight for how to mature diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices. Those organizations who score 90% or higher on the EMERGE DEI Scorecard™ Assessment and Audit receive the coveted "Certified DEI Workplace™" designation and are listed on The DEI Index™ (the official website for actualized organizations who demonstrate DEI Best Practice Maturity and have completed the EMERGE DEI Scorecard™ Assessment and Audit process).

The Goal: 100% DEI Maturity

The primary goal of diversity, equity, and inclusion should be to mature policies and nurture best practices to the degree that actions demonstrate the organization's full commitment toward maturity and actualization.

"After interviewing and speaking with numerous professionals regarding the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion over the past year or so, one common theme continued to resonate - an organization's words are not enough - there must be action! Action is where the work of maturity happens, and where commitment meets the intersection of implementation until actualization is achieved."

by Timothy Osborn, Sr. Partner/ Founder - CEO

@ The Osborn Group, LLC

What is your score?

What is your score? How does your current diversity, equity, and inclusion practices align with the maturity expected by future employees, customers, and community partners? Your organization's score not only reveals where you are in your DEI Best Practice maturity efforts; but, also where you need to go - it is a road map! The assessment and audit report will provide specific, detailed insight into your unique recommendations and chart a pathway for guidance toward full actualization of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a cultural and organizational benefit. More and more, consumers, employees, and community stakeholders are aware of how an organization invests or targets their impact and resources. Actions really do matter. The greatest way to attract more customers, exceptional talent, and build stronger community engagement is to put specific effort toward maturity and aligning DEI best practices until action and actualization are fully evident and demonstrated.

To learn more about The EMERGE DEI Scorecard™ Assessment & Audit or to request a no obligation exploratory call where your organization's DEI Best Practice goals can be reviewed go to - "The DEI Scorecard™ Assessment & Audit" at The Osborn Group, LLC website or visit "The DEI Index" (the official website for actualized organizations who demonstrate DEI Best Practice Maturity and have completed the EMERGE DEI Scorecard™ Assessment and Audit process).

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