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"A current of water below the surface, moving in a different direction from the surface..." - UNDERCURRENT.

Visionaries, creatives and innovative thinkers typically interpret the world from a different perspective and point of view that often is contrary to popular opinion and consensus. For these individuals, the ridicule and persecution of their concepts can lead to real emotional stress and internal withdraw. Yet, the outflow of their perceptions forge a direction and path (that by design) forces humanity to come along for the journey of the impossible and the depth of the unimaginable. These individuals are the voices and forces of the “undercurrent”.

Being a provocateur that inspires innovation and authentic change opens the world to possibilities and opportunities left unseen by many...” by Timothy Osborn, Founder

I’ve been privileged to meet many undercurrent thinkers. Individuals who seem odd and awkward, but intuitively right and spot on. The BIG thinkers who often receive the scoffed laughs of surface mindsets. Go with the status flow, they are often told. Just do what everyone else does, they are often instructed. Yet, somehow and in some unique way the “undercurrent” has a strength of its own that requires no agreement because it churns by design by an inner title wave of futuristic view.

The force of the undercurrent.

Mainstream never likes undercurrent. Modern futurists refer to the force as disruptive strategies. Yet, when undercurrent becomes a tsunami - mainstream always wants the thrill of riding a big wave. Surface thinkers play on the ripples and tides of undercurrent shifts — they are by interpretation peripheral engagements to a deeper influence. For me, I’ve enjoyed the “undercurrent” journey and the occasional rise to impact surface thinking. Yet, it’s never the barking dog you worry about, it’s the quiet one pacing around and scoping the territory. The futuristic thinkers who dwell in the undercurrent empower the surface to brighter and more hopeful futures uncharted and unharnessed.

What can shift a market? What innovates new ways of doing business? What influence brings to market concepts the ideas and insights that leave listeners and consumers standing in awe of wow? Undercurrent. Momentum is built not by playing on the surface, but by constructing and churning a force of natural intellect which moves in a direction others don’t see coming. Undercurrent. What type of thinker are you? Do you go with the flow simply because the flow goes? Or do you contemplate, think and consider deeper ways to empower others and influence impact? Where is the source of your momentum? Is it chasing, running after what everyone else is doing to be the next buddy in the sandbox? Or is it building an island of sand that allows the surface thinkers to dig all they want? Undercurrent.

Momentum is an outflow of strategy that comes from the gut and hard work — the place where an inner knowing guides you to a greater good and you become an unavoidable rip tide of motivation. Momentum is not about being an echo, it is about knowing your voice and owning your power. Momentum is not about the next best marketing method or multi-media blitz, it is about aligning your message with the purity of resonance and chord. Undercurrent.

Status quo can never reach momentum because it lacks the force of undercurrent. Peer pleasing and “fitting in” mentality can never innovate authentic change because it always lacks the depth of knowing how to listen to that inner intuition buried in the gut (it is too busy chasing attention and the affection of others). Inner strength arises and when it does — what is it — undercurrent. The greatest challenge a leader or entrepreneur faces is not engaging the surface but taping into the force of the undercurrent. It is being the rip tide instead of the surfer.

Where do you dwell? Are you a surface thinker or a rip tide innovator driven by the the power of the undercurrent? There is an undercurrent for entrepreneurs, in business, and in the global economy at large. Where are the authentic leaders that are in touch with that force and creating the next tsunami that will whisk up into the surface impacting humanity with disruptive influence and change.

Are you in the undercurrent? If so, emerge!

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