Success - How Do You Measure it?

Updated: Feb 17

Work-life balance is a key indicator for what it means to be truly successful. The goal of most professionals is to balance success in life and success in work. The juggle can be very real at times, but how do you measure success?

One of my greatest joys in life is being a father. Having three beautiful children has meant so much to me as a parent and as their leader. I made purposeful decisions early in my career that included some core promises to them and to myself.

  1. I was not going to be an absent father. I was going to be engaged and attend the important events in their life.

  2. I valued quality time with my children including scheduling date nights and play dates. I wanted to know them and I wanted them to know me.

  3. Every decision in business for me what not about myself alone - it was about how it would strengthen our family and nurture their success along with mine.

I can honestly say I have lived according to these commitments and have kept my promises to myself where my children are concerned. For that, I sense and feel success. My oldest is now married and a marine serving in California and my two youngest are still in their teenage years where I have to incentivize play dates with something call a "generous allowance". I'm most happy because their success has been my success - we are stronger together and the state of our family unit is well.

How is success measured for you?

To have a successful career at the expense of family was never success for me. I believed I could do both and do both well. I accomplished these goals through purposeful actions - time management, priorities, and defining my values early on in my career.” by Timothy Osborn

Too often we pursue a career from the perspective of "what do I want to do?". Instead, we should be asking ourselves questions like "what do I want to be known for in my career?" "What type of parent or future parent do I want to be?" What is really important in life to me?

A career is not who you are it is a vehicle to help you pursue your journey in life and accomplish the goals that are more important. A career and the money you earn from it (whether as a profession or as an entrepreneur) is the seed by which you plant the life you desire. Money is the vehicle that can take you places you want to go, buy you things you want to have, and empower you to live the life you want. But, money alone is not success! There are many rich people with money who are miserable. They have disconnected relationships with the family and children - yet "they have it all" - by the views of others. Is that success? No!

Take a moment and write down your answers to these quick five questions to form statement for "What success means to you?":

  1. I will consider myself successful in business or my professional career when...?

  2. I consider myself successful in my relationships (family and friends) by pledging to...?

  3. I consider myself successful as a parent or future parent by pledging to devote myself to my child or children by...?

  4. I consider myself successful as a partner, spouse or significant other by giving of myself and time by...?

  5. I want to be remembered most for...?

Tips for achieving success by work life balance.

Let's consider a few tips for work life balance. These tips are meant to empower you to take charge of your life and provide insight for how to navigate life's demands on your emotional well being.

  1. I schedule regular time to nurture myself and pamper myself by...?

  2. I prioritize those who are important to me by pledging to devote time in my calendar monthly to celebrate our connection.

  3. I prioritize the needs of others (not at the expense of self) but because I choose to demonstrate my love by devotion. I will do demonstrate this commitment by balancing my work time and ....?

  4. My top five priorities in life are...?

  5. My top five priorities in business or my professional career are...?

  6. I value work when...?

  7. I value my personal time when...?

  8. I value my time with others when...?

Hopefully, these tips will help you identify areas in your life where you can bring about a healthy work life balance. For additional resources to help you "Write a Personal Vision Statement" consider researching this topic online or google it. Follow the link provided to get started. The key to any personal vision statement or mission statement is to achieve work life balance.

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